Looking for (native) English proofreaders

I’ve written three crime novels of which two are published and the third will be published this month. All three are written in Dutch, but to reach a bigger audience, I’d like to translate them to (American) English.

My understanding of the English language is fair, and with the help of Google Translate and my sister (who’s really good) I can take a lot of bumps on translation road. But to be able to translate a complete book, our combined knowledge of words, expressions and the difference between the Queens English and American English, hardly are good enough. Due to the huge costs it’s not viable to ask a professional. And… I’m a self-pubber to the core, so I’d really like to translate my books myself.

But I want to do a great job. Not just good… a – GREAT – job. I don’t want my buyers/readers to say afterwards the translation/English sucks.

To make sure I don’t make stupid mistakes, I’m looking for Dutch people who are highly comfortable reading and understanding English – or  English/American people who have great knowledge of the Dutch language, and who are willing to help me out with (parts of) my books.

What’s in it for you?

You get to read the whole book, chapter by chapter, in Dutch and/or English for free*. If you’ve actively** helped me from the first to the last chapter, you’ll get a coupon with which you can download one of my e-books for free. A coupon per book you helped translate. They are, or will soon become, available in EPUB, MOBI, Kindle, PDF and other formats.

On top of that, the top** proofreader, will get acknowledged in my books colophon (if you want).

* It’s not allowed to copy, change, share or distribute any part of my books. The copyright belongs, and will always belong, to me.

** What determines activity and how to become a top proofreader:

  • Make sure you read and comment each chapter
  • Tackle as much clerical errors as you can find
  • Make sure you mention at least three probable improvements or food for thoughts per chapter. The more, the better, there probably should be at least three per page 😳
  • Add explanations when you suggest changes in sentences/expressions
  • Add explanations when you choose a different word for emotions, situations, postures… whatever you can think of, and other then clerical errors
  • Don’t wait to long, each chapter will be available only until the next chapter arrives
  • The top proofreader will be the one with the most/best improvements or food for thoughts and who tackled the most clerical errors

Tip: try not to start reading as a “fun”-reader. If you do that, It’s going to be harder to find any errors other then the obvious ones. Proofread and comment first, read for fun afterwards.

Some food for thought

This will not be done in a couple of days. Translations probably take as much time as writing a book itself. If you’re willing to help me out, keep in mind that you’re in for a long run. It’ll cost me wééks to translate each chapter, due to having a daytime job besides writing. Don’t worry, proofreading and even commenting with explanations will go a lot faster 😉.

  • If you’re interested, just comment below with your year of birth and whether you’re a native English speaker or Dutch
  • You can “register” until May 31

The first chapter will be available for you on or before June 1. As soon as I’ve finished a new chapter, I’ll notice anyone who “registered”. The chapters will be posted in a cloud document, and you’ll receive a link to the new chapter in a private message.

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